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The NZL Blind Sailing Team is set to open their 2012 international campaign travelling to Perth
this month where Royal Perth Yacht Club is hosting the IFDS Disabled Sailing International Championship,
2011, Homerus Blind Match Racing from March 19 to 26 this year.

The Kiwi team, which includes Russel Lowry (B1) helm, Paulien Eitjes (B2) Mainsheet/tactician and Tom
Donaghy, with Gary Smith along as coach, will be one of seven teams from five nations to compete on the
Swan River a couple of weeks from now.

As a helmsperson, New Zealander Paulien Eitjes has won Homerus International Match Racing Championships
in 2007 and 2008, and claimed the B2 division of the 2009 IFDS Blind Sailing World Championships in Rotorua.
She is moving to the mainsheet for the 2011 Match Racing Worlds with Russell Lowry on the helm and Tom Donaghy
on headsail.

The IFDS Blind Match Racing Championship will be sailed in Sonar keelboats using the Homerus Autonomous Sailing
system. Three acoustic buoys, each with a unique signal, define the course and boats have their own sound signal
that changes when on port or starboard tack.

A crew of three sailors classified as B1, B2 or B3 under the IBSA Classification System will make-up teams with
a collective maximum of 5 IBSA points. The helmsperson must be classification B1 and the gender is mixed, with a
minimum of one female and one male team member.